Facial Treatments

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Facial Treatments

  • Clear Balance Steam & Extractions

    60 min - $110.00

    Treatment for oily and acne prone skin. clear balance is a revolutionary new professional treatment to normalise skin of impurities. Leaving your skin feeling clear balanced and healthy.

  • Microderm & Mask

    60 min - $110.00

    Microdermabrasion is a wonderful treatment for rejuvenation of health skin. Treating age spots/fine lines and wrinkles post acne scars

  • Microderm & Collagen Mask

    60 min - $140.00

    Microdermabrasion with Collagen mask for will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

  • Aquatherm 02 Recovery (Sensitive Skin)

    60 min - $130.00

    This is a professional treatment specifically for those with very sensitive and reactive skin. It soothes and calms as well as strengthens the skin, firms sagging, and can prevent premature aging.

  • Micro & SRS (Lifting)

    75 min - $170.00

    Total refining and lifting treatment using our Skin-remodelling machine using the latest technology in advanced facial treatments.

  • HA Eyetreatment (Wrinkles)

    45 min - $55.00

    The Skeyndor Eye Contour professional treatment strengthens and enhances the eyelashes and lifts the eyelids, intensely firming the eye area to significantly diminish wrinkles. Perfect treatment to slow the signs of aging!

  • Retinol Intensive Repair 1hr

    60 min - $130.00

    Retinol intensive repairing facial with powerful results to rejuvenate aged skin.

  • Eternal Youth (Anti-Aging Volumizing)

    75 MIN - $140.00

    This anti-aging & volumizing facial with plant stem cells is a luxurious and powerful treatment that improves elasticity and tone. This treatment will give an immediate evenness and completely renew skin.

  • Global Lift Anti-Aging Treatment

    75 min - $140.00

    The Global Lift Anti-aging Treatment is the ultimate non-surgical facelift. The latest research and technologies in anti-aging have combined to create a product that can redefine your face, restore your facial features, and soften mature skin.

  • Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant

    75 min - $130.00

    A brightening and anti-oxidant rich facial treatment perfect for lifeless skin lacking in radiance as well as skin that has pigmentation.

  • Corrective Expression Line Eraser Treatment

    75 min - $140.00

    This revolutionary facial treatment targets expression lines and wrinkles. It works by filling out wrinkles and offering a long lasting moisture solution.

  • Derma Peel Brightening & Timeless With Ultrasonic

    75 min - $165.00

    Derma Peel is a first of its kind multi layer sequential peeling technology. This treatment leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling smooth.

  • SK Synergy Mask Control (Oily) 1Hr

    60 min - $120.00

    An amazing treatment targeted at oily skin that inhibits oil production. Amazing immediate results for a healthier skin!

  • SK Synergy Q10 (Hydration)

    60 min - $120.00

    For a lustrously supple complexion the Q10 mask literally transforms dry skin and infuses nourishment to ensure long lasting hydration.

  • SK Synergy Sensitive (Recovery)

    60 min - $120.00

    This treatment targets sensitive skin, treating fragile, weakened and reactive skin properties by restoring its balance. Achieving instant calming and softening results!

  • SK Synergy Brightening

    60 min - $120.00

    This treatment is tropical tonic and vitamin boost for dull tired skin. It’s a unique mask that contains vitamins A, E and C, enhancing the skin texture and revitalising and renewing it for a more youthful glow.

  • SK Synergy Rich (Nourishing )

    60 min - $120.00

    Perfect facial treatment for stressed skin. This ultimate booster offers an instant pick me up for your skins complexion by repairing and nourishing from within. It improves skins elasticity, texture and smoothness