Eyebrow & Eyelashes

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Eyebrow & Eyelashes

  • Eyebrow Shape

    30 min - $30.00

    At Skin Estetica we take a personalised approach to Eyebrow Shaping and understand that not one brow fits all. By utilising both waxing and tweezing we create the perfect brow for your face shape whether that means lifting the arch to slim a wider face or lengthening the brow to flatter a longer face. A manicured brow with the correct arch and length can completely rejuvenate your look and frame your features beautifully. Combine Eyebrow Shaping with Brow Tint for a full brow makeover resulting in beautiful definition and fullness of the brow.

  • Lash Tint

    30 min - $25.00

    A Lash Tint tints your natural lashes resulting in a visible lengthening affect which can also result is a fuller appearance. It’s a great option for those wanting to enhance their natural features and frame the eyes.

  • Brow Tint

    15 min - $15.00

    Brow Tinting can be extremely beneficial when maintaining your brows. Not only does the pigment enhance the appearance of fine hairs that may otherwise be lost, it also contributes to the look of a fuller brow with more structure. Tint is made to match your skin tone and hair colour and is completely customisable to you to ensure your face is framed perfectly.   

  • Lash Perm

    45 min - $85.00

    Your lashes will feel rejuvenated after a Lash Perm by Skin Estetica. During this treatment we perm the lashes to create a lifted effect and combine this with Lash Tinting to create your perfect flirty lashes. Your lashes will appear longer and more full, framing your eyes beautifully and saving your natural lashes from the sometimes-harsh effects of makeup, false lashes, and lash extensions.